Onderzoekt en verzamelt de geschiedenis van werk, werkenden en arbeidsverhoudingen wereldwijd

High-cost Activism and the Worker Household

High-cost Activism and the Worker Household: Revolutionary Activism among Phillippine plantation workers.


  • Introduction
  • Social activism: a household strategy?
  • Social activism in the hacienda region of Negros Occidental
  • Hacienda Milagros
  • The household: a locus of conflict and solidarity
  • Household interests and activism in Hda. Milagros
  • How the movement tapped the household for the revolution
  • The ideological framing of household sacrifices for the movement
  • Dealing with costs: conflicts in the household
  • Dealing with costs: clashes between movement leaders and fulltime revolutionaries concerning family-attachments and obligations 20
  • Networks and competing loyalties
  • Defining social activism as a feasible and expedient option
  • Conclusion: The household as a moving target of analysis
  • References