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'Latin America and Caribbean Network on Labour History' web launch

In Buenos Aires, at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín, on March 10 Rossana Barragán will launch the web-page about research and archives on Latin America and Caribbean Network on Labour History. The aim of the Latin American Network on Labour History is: "to build a community network of scholars who do research on Latin American and Caribbean Labour History from the XVI century until the present". The web-page provides a database of almost 900 articles from leading journals on Labour history and on broad issues related to this topic. The web-pages are hosted by the International Institute for Social History (IISH)

The launch will take place during a workshop with Labour Historians organized by Re-Work (Berlin), Red de Historia Social y Cultural de los Mundos del Trabajo (REDHISCO), the Instituto de Altos Estudios Sociales (IDAES), the Universidad de Buenos Aires and the Universidad Nacional de San Martín. During the event,  Rossana Barragán will start with an introduction of the International Institute of Social History's collections and Research Program and she will continue with a detailed explanation about the new web-page . 


6 maart 2015