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Revolutions and Sexualities

26 september 2007 t/m 27 september 2007
Krakow, Poland

Revolutions and Sexualities - Cultural and Social Aspects of Political Transformations
Eighth conference in the Socialism and Sexuality Series
Organized by the Institute of History of Jagiellonian University in Krakow

For more information please contact:
Barbara Klich- Kluczewska, PhD

Programme (all abstracts attached)

Wednesday 26th September Morning (10am-1pm)

Gert Hekma, University of Amsterdam
Perspectives on sexual revolution and their results (MS Word file, attached)

Laurence Davis, Dublin, Ireland
Love and Revolution in Ursula K. Le Guin's Story Suite Four Ways to Forgiveness

Philippa Hetherington, University of Sydney
Zinaida Gippius and Vyliublennost: An Early Modernist's Sexual Revolution (MS Word file, attached)

Natalia Krylova, Pedagogical University Karelia / Taylor University Indiana
REVOL(T)VER: Sexual and gender aspects of V. Mayakovsky's anthropological experiment (1910s-1920s) (MS Word file, attached)

Natalja Kyaw, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
'The Woman on the turning point'. The Historical Context of the Fictional Works of Aleksandra Kollontaj

Lauren Kaminsky, New York University
Liberty, Equality, Alimony: Utopian Visions of Private Life in the Soviet Union under Stalin

Delila Amir, Tel-Aviv University, Ramat-Aviv Israel
Ascetic sexual ideology of the first collective communes in Israel in the early 1920s

Wednesday 26th September afternoon (3pm-6pm)

Kathryn Tomasek, Wheaton College, Massachusetts
Women, Liberal Individualism, and Revolution: Charles Fourier's Nouveau monde amoureux in 1968 (MS Word file, attached)

Philippe Chassaigne, University of Tours, France
The French gay militant movement between revolution and reformism, 1971-1981 (MS Word file, attached)

Kate Davison, Melbourne, Australia
'They should all be sent to Siberia!': Homosexuality, National Security and the Communist Party of Australia during the Cold War

Thursday 27th September morning (10am-1pm)

Francis Ronsin
Revolutionary fever and opposition to marriage during the "Great French Revolution" (MS Word file, attached)

David A. Shafer, California State University, Long Beach
Hermaphrodites, Deviants, and Sociopaths: Were these the Communards of 1871 (MS Word file, attached)

Carrie Hamilton, School of Arts, Roehampton University, London
Revolution and sexual respectability in Cuba

John Stanley, Toronto, Canada
Sex and Solidarity: Poland's asexual revolution

Thursday 27th September afternoon (3pm-6pm)

Ofra Koffman, Goldsmiths College
Governing 'Teenage' Sexuality: Britain 1958-1965

Nikolaos Papadogiannis
Representing women: transnational flows and shifting feminine representations in the Greek eurocommunist youth organisation "Rigas Feraios", 1974-78 (MS Word file, attached)

Barbara Klich-Kluczewska, Jagiellonian University
The symptoms of the sexual revolution in Poland before the political transformation of 1989

Anna Gruszczynska, Aston University, Birmingham
When the Queers Go Marching In: Politicization of Sexuality and the Lesbian and Gay Movement in Poland (pdf file, attached)

Liene Ozolina, University of Amsterdam
Disputing Homosexuality in the Post-Soviet Latvia: Quest for Normality