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Sources for Latin American Research at the IISH

Since 2012, the prestigious and well known Journal European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies or Revista Europea de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe  features a section called 'Sources for Latin American Research at the International Institute of Social History'. The publisher of the journal, CEDLA (Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation) and the IISH Latin American Desk cooperate on the subject of meaningful historical sources on Latin America in the possession of the IISH.

Two recent contributions illustrate the vast amount of Latin-America source materials at the Institute:

  • In 'Illustrations in the Socialist Press of Buenos Aires in the Late XIX Century' (ERLACS 97, October 2014) Juan Buonuome focuses on the socialist weekly La Vanguardia
  • In 'La CLASC/CLAT' (ERLACS 98, April 2015), Gabriela Scodeller sheds a light on the Confederación Latinoamericano de Sindicalistas Cristianos (CLASC)/Central Latinoamericana de Trabajadores (CLAT) and materials pertaining to the organization including many posters.

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3 mei 2015