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Free Love and the Labour Movement

6 oktober 2000 t/m 7 oktober 2000
Free Love

Second session in a series of workshops on Socialism and Sexuality.  This seminar explored the sexual ideologies and behaviours of anarchist feminists, individualist socialists, anarcho-syndicalists, and utopian socialists in Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, France, and Germany, and carefully delineated the ways in which these groups challenged the sexual reforms advocated by more traditional political groups, such as the Belgian Workers Party and the Dutch Social Democrats.

Papers presented
Denise De Weerdt, Free Love = Free Marriage? Free Love and the Belgian Socialists, 1880-1940 (9 pp.)
Dennis Bos, The Making of a New Sexual Morality in the Early Socialist Labour Movement in Amsterdam (7 pp.)
Lesley Hall, "Arrows of Desire": British Sexual Utopians of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century, and the Politics of Health (6 pp.)
Dieter Nelles, Anarchosyndicalism and the Sexual Reform Movement in the Weimar republic (7 pp.) German version (6 pp.)
Gaetano Manfredonia and Francis Ronsin, E. Armand and "La Camaraderie Amoureuse". Revolutionary Sexualism and the Struggle Against Jealousy (8 pp.) French version ( 9 pp.,)
Saskia Poldervaart, The Recurring Movements of "Free Love" (17 pp.)

These papers were published as Free Love and the Labour Movement: Research Papers (Amsterdam: IISG, 2001)