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Annual Report 2011

Unquestionably, 2011 will go on record as that of the Euro Crisis that shook the foundations of the European integration project 60 years in the making.

Even without the crisis that erupted in August,casting dark clouds over the heads of European citizens, 2011 would have been very eventful for us. First, the IISH underwent a reorganization and an assessment in 2011. In addition, policy objectives relating to internationalization and partnerships came closer to realisation this year.

The reorganization of the Collections Department, now designated as CODI (an acronym in Dutch for Collection Management and Services), had been initiated the year before but crystallized during the one under review. All department staff were reassigned to new, more broadly defined positions, abandoning the classification based on different material types (archives, publications, image and sound materials) to introduce a format where teams address integral collections as projects. [...]

One of the main events for the iish in 2011 was the assessment commissioned by the parent organization knaw. Assessment had of course taken place as part of the regular quality management procedure for several years, but the inspection conducted in 2011 was new in several respects. [...]

More in the Annual Report 2011. You can download the report or order a printed copy by sending an email to secretar@iisg.nl, providing your name and full mailing address.

12 oktober 2012