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Archival Materials on the Activities in The Netherlands Relating to Nelson Mandela 1980-1990

In 2013, through a project funded by the Dutch embassy in Pretoria (Tshwane), a large number of physical and digital copies of archival items from the Anti-Apartheid and Southern Africa collection of the International Institute of Social History were transferred to several archives in South Africa. Within the framework of this project also various files relating to the activities in The Netherlands on Nelson Mandela from the archives of the Dutch Anti-Apartheid Movement (DAAM) and the Holland Committee on Southern Africa (HCSA) were digitized. A selection of these scans are presented in this web dossier in PDF-format (as per inventory number).

DAAM 332: Signature campaign for the release of Nelson Mandela in cooperation with workinggroup Kairos. June-November 1980. (36 p.)

DAAM 348: Call by more than 100 Dutch mayors for the release of Nelson Mandela – Dutch contribution to an international campaign. January-August 1982. (44 p.)

DAAM 377A: Campaigns (mainly international) for the release of Nelson Mandela. May-June 1983. (13 p.)

DAAM 414: NELSON MANDELA: Freedom at 70 - The international campaign to celebrate Mandela’s 70th birthday in July 1988. (46 p.)

DAAM 414A: Selection from the congratulations (letters, drawings, etc.) sent to Nelson Mandela for his 70th birthday by pupils from a secondary school in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands, June 1988. (14 p.)

DAAM 426: Activities in The Netherlands around Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in February 1990.      (4x)

DAAM 427: Activities of the Dutch AAM and other Southern Africa groups around Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in February 1990: Statements on  Mandela's release and correspondence with the Nelson Mandela International Reception Committee. December 1989-April 1990. (42 p.)

HCSA 251A: Activities concerning the Mandela medal, launched by the Holland Committee on Southern Africa in October 1984. February 1984-June 1986. (11 p.)