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The inventory of the archiive of the Ierland Komitee Nederland  (Dutch Ireland Committee)  has been completed. The archives of the Dutch Ireland Committee, which came to the IISH in 2010, include... [Collection highlight]
In some 19th century British satirical magazines, ape-like facial features were employed to illustrate anarchists and nihilists, in order to personify visually political threats to order and... [Item of the Day]
1848 was a year of revolutions throughout Europe. In Ireland, the Great Famine reigned. On 29 July 1848 miners, tradesmen and small tenant farmers led by the Young Irelanders nationalist movement... [Item of the Day]
The Irish Women Workers Union was launched on 5 September 1911 for women, 'whatever you are or wherever you work'. Women workers were concentrated in a narrow range of industries, as domestic workers... [Item of the Day]
The Irish problem has been a major one in British politics since the first Home Rule Bill of 1886 was rejected. In 1893 the Liberal government of Gladstone presented its second Home Rule Bill, which... [Item of the Day]
Roman Catholic Irish were subdued to ethnic cleansing policy by Oliver Cromwell. After his suppression of a rebellion against the English in 1649 he ordered that the Irish were allowed to live west... [Item of the Day]