Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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'Two Worlds of Female Labour: Gender Wage Inequality in Western Europe, 1300 - 1800'Abstract: One of the possible explanations for the particular pre-industrial growth of regions such as Holland and... [Event]
Industrious women in the Dutch Empire: the Cultivation System and its consequencesThe Cultivation System (1830-1870) in the Dutch East Indies constituted a "classic piece of colonial exploitation" (... [Event]
Lecture: 'Female Labour Force Participation in Early 20th Century Sweden' by Malin NilssonAanvang: 15.00 [Event]
Boekpresentatie Op 20 november 2006 is 'Vrouwen en de geboorte van het kapitalisme in West-Europa door de auteurs Tine de Moor en Jan Luiten van Zanden aangeboden aan HKH Prinses Máxima op het Paleis... [Event]
Women and Work in the Early Modern Period - Workshop Report  As many as 50 participants were present at the IISH workshop 'Women and work in the early modern period', which was held on Friday 28... [Event]
Mothers' rights constitute an essential element in gendered histories of welfare states. Often maternity benefits are juxtaposed with male worker benefits in the context of widespread notions on the... [Event]
Comparing various parts of early modern Europe, one is immediately struck by the fact that some countries developed capitalism very early (like Holland and Britain), whereas others did so much later... [Event]
BackgroundThe family and household in East and Southeast Europe has increasingly been an object of anthropological and historical research in the last decades. John Hajnal's conclusion that marriage... [Event]
This Women at Work Collection Guide provides information about the history of working women worldwide. Women worked throughout history in various jobs, from bakers, typists, weavers, butchers, from... [Collection guide]
100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution: research, collections and events at IISH. The Russian Revolution of October 1917 brought a party to power, which claimed to act on behalf of the working... [Collection highlight]