Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations


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Songs of struggle and protest; historical recordings, in original and published. Speeches party leaders, congresses and meetings, interviews and oral history projects.

Some important collectionsThe Netherlands

Political parties and trade unions:
Songs of struggle, speeches leaders social-democratic party, meetings and congresses socialist and communist parties and trade unions, interviews with communists.
Various campaigns:
Interviews, songs and reports on campaigns and demonstrations: squatter's movement, peace movement, student movement and international solidarity.


In general, many versions of the Internationale, the Socialist March and the Solidarity Song. Also songs of struggle and folk music from many countries.

  • Burma: meetings, interviews, reports of the ABDSF
  • Chile: songs by Victor Jara and groups as Inti-Illimani, speech by Allende, reports on the coup of 1973.
  • China: revolutionary songs, speeches by Mao, revolutionary operas
  • Cuba: speeches by Castro, speeches by and reports on Che Guevara
  • Egypt: interviews with communists.
  • France: songs of the Paris Commune 1870, songs and reports on May 68, interviews with older French anarchists by Claire Auzias 1977-1979.
  • Germany: speech by Karl Liebknecht, recordings congresses and other meetings Demokratische Sozialisten 1982-1986, foundation congress Neues Forum 1990, produktions Network Medien-Cooperative Frankfurt 1980s, songs by Ernst Busch, Wolf Biermann, Franz Josef Degenhardt; albums with songs of the World Festival of Youth and Students 1951 and the yearly Festival des Politischen Liedes, 1970-1980, both Berlin (GDR). Radio von Unten (compilations of illegal and free radiostations 1960s-1970s-1980s in the FRG (Radio Pflasterstein Göttingen, Radio Hafenstrasse, Radio Widerstand, Radio St. Pauli) and outside the FRG (Radio Solidarnosc, Free Radio in Ireland, Radio Beijing).
  • Indonesia: cassettes, songs of the reformasi; In Search of Silenced Voices: oral history project with Indonsian communists.
  • Italy: singles published by Lotta Continua ca. 1969.
  • Japan: union songs 1960s.
  • Nicaragua: festivals, songs Luis Mejía Godoy.
  • Poland: first national congress Solidarnosc 1980 and sessions National Coordination Commission 1981.
  • Spain: songs from the Civil War, interviews with volunteers and members Comisiones Obreras 1978-1979.
  • Turkey: interviews with union activists 1970s and 1980s, recordings Nazim Hikmet, Kurd folk music and militant songs.
  • South-Africa: songs of struggle, interviews and reports on anti-apartheid.
  • USA: union songs, recordings Black Panthers, Angela Davis and others, songs by Paul Robeson and Pete Seeger. Tapes with lectures, readings by Isaac Deutscher.
  • USSR: reportags and interviews Kemerovo, speeches by Lenin and Stalin, songs of struggle, musical letters.

International organizations:
Socialist International, congresses, conferences and meetings 1958-1981.
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, meetings and interviews 1970s.
Congress tapes European Trade Union Confederation.
War Resisters' International, conferences 1960s and 1970s.
Recordings Congrès International des Fédérations Anarchistes 1968.
Language courses Esperanto.