Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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A flock of fifteen doves shows but a small part of the rich collection of posters issued by the international peace movement at the IISH.The origin of the dove of peace is in the Old Testament. Noah... [Image gallery]
In November 1944 the police raided the London offices of Freedom Press, the centre of the anarchist press in England. The police confiscated a typewriter, printed material, including a circular... [Image gallery]
Decades of systematic collection by the IISH does not only mean bringing together all kinds of collections from individuals and institutions who are important to social history, but also leads to a '... [Image gallery]
In 2002 the IISH Asia Department acquired a collection of 28 Indonesian posters created by Taring Padi, a group of Indonesian artists from Yogyakarta, Java.Since 1998 a group of young Indonesian... [Image gallery]
In the archives and collections at the IISH, the anti-war movement occupies a large place. This massive presence of archives from the peace movement is obviously a result of traditional... [Collection guide]
No footage of the Dutch feminist and medical doctor Aletta Jacobs (1854-1929) was known until November 2013, when 20 seconds of moving images surfaced and were repeatedly shown in the media. They... [Collection highlight]
Paul de Groot ranks as the number 1 leader in the history of the Dutch Communist Party. The brothers Joop and Jaap Wolff no doubt might claim to be numbers 2 and 3. Accruals to the archives for both... [Collection highlight]
Am 3. August 1983 kam es während eines Empfangs im Hessischen Landtag in Wiesbaden für die Kommandeure der in Hessen stationierten US-Streitkräfte zu einer Protestaktion, bei der Frank Schwalba-Hoth... [Collection highlight]
In 2005 the IISH received a shipment from Hungary from the Hungarian-Israeli peace activist Toma Šik (1939-2004). From his early childhood, Toma Šik actively opposed Israeli militarism. His... [Collection highlight]
The IISH recently received a magnificent collection of letters and postcards from the German writer, anarchist and editor of Der Sozialist Gustav Landauer (1870-1919) to the Swiss socialist and peace... [Collection highlight]