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During the summer of 2001 the publicist and journalist Herman Keppy discovered two steamer trunks in a fully stacked room in the Dutch town of Alkmaar. The trunks contained the photo collection and... [Image gallery]
For Dutch people the glass industry in Leerdam is very well known, but strangely enough the knowledge about the history of this industry is only meagre. About 1.5 metres of papers relating to the... [Collection highlight]
Afscheidsfoto gemaakt in 's Lands Hospitaal (Paramaribo) in februari 1957 van de eerste door het psychiatrisch ziekenhuis Maasoord in Poortugaal geworven groep leerling-verpleegsters. Van links naar... [Collection item]
Residential care for the medieval pensioner was relatively cheap. This is the conclusion of a lively and instructive research article from Jaco Zuijderduijn in the latest issue of TSEG (vol. 12... [News]
Historical Sample of the Netherlands (HSN) will build two datasets for the grand research project Genes, Germs and Resources. This project proposes to study the phenomenon of familial influences on... [News]
“When, as a doctor, I am called in to help a vegetarian patient suffering from typhus, pneumonia or even smallpox, I am not afraid that he will die. In all cases of acute disease, it is my principle... [Item of the Day]
James Phipps, the son of a poor agrarian worker, was the first person to be inoculated against smallpox by Dr Jenner, the inventor of vaccination.Jenner used a small amount of fluid harvested from... [Item of the Day]
Asbestos dust had been recognized as responsible for causing pneumoconiosis in the 1930s, while scientific consensus on its carcinogenic nature emerged in the late 1960s. On 1 July 1978, the Dutch... [Item of the Day]
The Ticonderoga, a clipper carrying 646 Scottish and Irish emigrants, arrived in Melbourne, Australia on 22 December 1852. On this horrifc voyage, 100 emigrants were buried at sea and another 68 died... [Item of the Day]
Lachendes Leben (Laughing Life) is the monthly of German naturists in 1925. Not a single dressed person is to be found in the magazine, not even in winter. In the December 1926 issue there is a... [Item of the Day]