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Conditions for Borrowing Documents

  1. The objects specified in the attached schedule and the associated packaging and exhibition material shall be insured by the borrower under an all-risk policy from the moment they are removed from their location at the premises of the lender up to and including the moment they are returned to these premises or to a location designated by or on behalf of the lender. Evidence hereof shall be submitted to the lender before the objects leave the premises.
  2. The collection and return of the objects shall be for the account of the borrower and, though carried out in accordance with the lender's instructions, under its responsibility.
  3. Between their collection and return, the objects may not leave the premises for which they are destined, nor be used for purposes other than those of which the lender is aware.
  4. The borrower undertakes to take all measures to protect against fire, burglary, theft, loss or damage which might be expected of a good custodian and which have been approved by the lender.
  5. While on the premises in which the exhibition is being held, the objects shall be stored in environmental conditions normal for museums, and during the exhibition they shall be displayed in closed cabinets or behind glass or perspex, without any form of adhesion being applied to or pinning of the material.
  6. No change shall be made to either the condition of the objects or the frames, bases and cabinets without the lender's prior permission. If, for whatever reason, there is a change in the condition of any object, the borrower may do nothing to restore it to its original condition unless instructed to by and under the responsibility of the lender.
  7. Notwithstanding the above, the borrower accepts all responsibility and risks relating to the loan, as well as those relating to copyright.
  8. In catalogues, on text labels and in any other information intended for the public, the name of the lender shall be given as "Collection, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam".
  9. The objects may be photographed or reproduced in another manner for educational purposes, provided the lender has granted its permission in advance.
  10. If the objects are to be used for an exhibition, the borrower shall provide to the lender a complimentary copy of the exhibition catalogue and/or the poster for this exhibition.
  11. In the event an object on loan is reproduced (in, for example, a catalogue, book, other printed material), the borrower shall provide to the lender a complimentary copy.
  12. If, in the opinion of the lender, the borrower is in default as regards the aforesaid, the lender may recall all objects immediately, regardless of the consequences.
  13. Under no circumstances may the lender derive from the loan or from compliance with the aforesaid provisions any claim to restitution or compensation for losses either incurred or yet to be incurred.
  14. The borrower is required to allow the person authorised by the lender for this purpose an opportunity to monitor the objects comprising the loan.
  15. For archival documents, books, pamphlets, and various kinds of visual materials there is a fee for borrowing. See rates at the IISH website: Rates for exhibiting documents.