Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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  Thursday 4 October 2018Who’s Afraid of the Archive?Interdisciplinary meetup for artists, scholars and archivistsInternational Institute of Social History, Amsterdam18.30: Walk-in with coffee/tea19.... [Event]
Wat moet het grote publiek eigenlijk van geschiedenis weten? Hoe zorg je ervoor dat nieuwe wetenschappelijke inzichten het grote publiek bereiken? Heb je als historicus een maatschappelijke taak?... [Event]
44th Annual Conference of The International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI)Opening up Social History Repositories: New Technologies and New MethodsThe 2013 IALHI conference aims at... [Event]
27th Meeting of Friends of the IISHA presentation of highlights from recent IISH acquisitions.This afternoon’s special topic is a lecture by Dr Jacco Pekelder and Prof. Duco Hellema: 'A Radical... [Event]
26th Meeting of Friends of the IISH.A presentation of highlights from recent IISH acquisitions.In the lecture special attention to the IISH activities in the Middle East and Central Asia.For more... [Event]
De Drijvende Tuinen van Robert Jasper Grootveld, voormalig provo en antirookmagiër, zijn op donderdag 19 april vanuit het oostelijk havengebied verplaatst naar de Entrepothaven, direct achter het... [Event]
Queen Beatrix's state visit to Russia in June 2001 provided an impetus for dealing with the restitution of archival materials taken from the Netherlands during World War II. The Russian authorities... [Event]
A symposium dedicated to investigating what are/ought to be the most important considerations when collecting sources for Social History now and in the future.The theme was discussed from the... [Event]
In 2005 IISH acquired the Academy Library (library of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences) - a collection of around 200,000 volumes related to all branches of science, the humanities and the... [Image gallery]
Yiddish letters can be found in several archives which were acquired by the IISH in the course of time. Some of these are from archives bought to or deposited in the IISH shortly after its founding... [Collection highlight]