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The IISH has received a collection of documents on the eight years' war between Iraq and Iran (1980-1988). This interesting and rich source is available to researchers and interested parties.... [Collection highlight]
In the evening of 16 January 1991 the American president, Bush, gave a televised speech on the latest news from the Gulf region: 'Just two hours ago, allied forces began an attack on military targets... [Item of the Day]
The invasion of Iran by the Iraqi army in 1980 was the start of a nine-year war between the two countries. It took the Khomeini government two years to strengthen its army and begin a major counter-... [Item of the Day]
On 9 October 1956 Sheikh Mehmud Berzenci (Mahmud Barzinci), the "King of Kurdistan", died. He had given himself this title in 1922. The Kurdish region was part of Iraq, which had been a British... [Item of the Day]