Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Paul Hertz war sozialdemokratischer Politiker; von 1919 bis 1926 war er Stadtverordneter des Berliner Stadtteils Charlottenburg und von 1920 bis 1933 Reichstagsabgeordneter. Nach seiner Rückkehr aus... [Event]
TentoonstellingUitgeverij Ruedo Ibérico werd in 1961 te Parijs opgericht door een groep Spaanse ballingen. Deze tentoonstelling geeft een overzicht van de geschiedenis van een onderneming die, los... [Event]
Conference 'Quo vadis, Exile Studies? Status and perspectives'.During this scholarly conference, the Gesellschaft für Exilforschung GfE aims to explore the intersections and points of contact,... [Event]
The collection In Search of Silenced Voices contains interviews with Indonesian exiles recorded by Hersri Setiawan and deposited at the IISH. Hersri (born in Yogyakarta in 1936) studied sociology at... [Image gallery]
The archive of publishing house Allert de Lange traversed the world, just as did the German language writers-in-exile who shaped it and make it such interesting reading now. In 1940 it was... [Image gallery]
‘Una formidable arma de contrainformación….’ Publisher Ruedo Ibérico’s role in the struggle against Franco’s censorshipIn the night of 13 to 14 October 1975 a firebomb exploded on the rue de Latran... [Collection highlight]
At the end of 2005 the IISH received substantial additions to the archives of Alexander Stein (pseudonym of A.N. Rubinstejn, 1881-1948) and his daughter Nina Rubinstein (1908-1996), leading us to... [Collection highlight]
The International Institute for Social History has received a collection of letters from Iranian researchers, writers, and poets living outside Iran, together with unpublished writings that have not... [Collection highlight]
Historiography about the post-1939 Spanish diaspora usually describes in detail the fates of those handed over to the Nazis by the French authorities and brought to sinister places such as Mauthausen... [Collection highlight]
Three Russian social democrats in exile share sweet memories in a park in Berlin ten years after the October Revolution.Left: Vladimir Vojtinskij (1885-1960), member of the Executive Council of the... [Item of the Day]