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Tributes to Nelson Mandela

Squares, bridges and more in the Netherlands

Nelson Mandela Bridge, Zoetermeer (photo: Wilco van Herpen)

Major squares in Amsterdam and a number of other Dutch towns were temporarily renamed ‘Nelson Mandelaplein’ (Nelson Mandela Square) in February 1990 to celebrate Mandela’s release from prison.

Nelson Mandela Park, Bergen op Zoom

Other squares, bridges, streets, parks, trees, schools, halls and more were named in honour of Mandela in several towns:
Almere - Amersfoort - Arnhem - Bergen op Zoom - Brunssum - Culemborg - Delft - Enkhuizen - Garderen - Haarlem - Heerhugowaard - Heerlen - Hellevoetsluis - Hoorn - IJsselstein - Leeuwarden - Limbricht - Purmerend - Ridderkerk - Rotterdam - Schijndel - The Hague - Tilburg - Utrecht - Waalwijk - Weesp - Zaandam - Zeist - Zoetermeer

Photobook "After Mandela: a Dutch tribute"
In the fall of 2013 publisher Post Editions launched the photobook “After Mandela : a Dutch tribute” by the photographers Jan Dirk van der Burg and Stefanie Grätz which pictures the multifaceted tributes to Mandela in the Netherlands and presents interesting background information.

Other Dutch tributes to and initiatives named after Nelson Mandela, whether permanent or short-lived, include a ‘Mandelapenning’ (Mandela Medal), ‘Mandelaloop’ (Mandela Run), ‘Mandela Tulip’, ‘Mandela Tour’ and more than one ‘Mandela Festival’, ‘Mandela Fund’, and ‘Mandela Lecture’ series.

A mural on Amsterdam’s Prinseneiland depicts Nelson Mandela’s kitchen garden on Robben Island