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Migration, Settlement, and Belonging in Europe, 1500-1930s

This volume offers a pan-European survey of migration and settlement issues that encompasses Switzerland, Prussia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Britain. It explores how the conception of belonging changed over time and space from the 1500s onwards, how communities dealt with the welfare expectations of an increasingly mobile population that migrated both within and between states, the welfare rights that were attached to those who “belonged,” and how ordinary people secured access to welfare resources. What emerged was a sophisticated European settlement system, which on the one hand structured itself to limit the claims of the poor, and yet on the other was peculiarly sensitive to their demands and negotiations.

Chapter 1. Settlement and the Law in the Seventeenth Century - David Feldman
Chapter 2. Double Deterrence: Settlement and Practice in London’s West End, 1725–1824 - Jeremy Boulton
Chapter 3. Poor Relief, Settlement and Belonging in England 1780s to 1840s - Steven King
Chapter 4. Memories of Pauperism - Jane Humphries
Chapter 5. Belonging, Settlement and the New Poor Law in England and Wales 1870s–1900s - Elizabeth Hurren
Chapter 6. Citizens But Not Belonging: Migrants’ Difficulties in Obtaining Entitlement to Relief in Switzerland from the 1550s to the Early 20th Century Anne-Lise Head-König
Chapter 7. Overrun by Hungry Hordes? Migration and Poor Relief in the Netherlands, Sixteenth to Twentieth Centuries - Marco H.D. van Leeuwen
Chapter 8. Agrarian Change, Labour Organization and Welfare Entitlements in the North-Sea Area, c. 1650-1800 - Thijs Lambrecht
Chapter 9. Settlement Law and Rural-Urban Relief Transfers in Nineteenth-Century Belgium: A Case Study on Migrants’ Access to Relief in Antwerp - Anne Winter
Chapter 10. Trajectories of German Settlement Regulations: The Prussian Rhine Province, 1815–1914 - Andreas Gestrich
Afterward: National Citizenship and Migrants’ Social Rights in Twentieth-Century Europe - Paul-André Rosental