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Coin Production in the Low Countries: Visualization & Query

The data of the research project Coin Production in the Low Countries, 14th century-present is visualized in the application in tables, charts and maps.

The user can query the data and create (and export) their own subsets. Different queries and selections can be made at the top left. This includes the possibility to display the Value in denier groot in hourly wages. The query starts by clicking ‘Run’.

There are three tabs: ‘Table’, ‘Chart’, and ‘Map’. The variables in the table and chart can be adjusted freely on the right. The map needs some further introduction. At the moment, the map is used to give a rough indication how complete our dataset is for particular mint houses and authorities in time. We have turned to the works by Hugo Vanhoudt and H. Enno van Gelder, supplemented with data from our own datasets, to determine the years of activities of mint houses and authorities.

The colour of a region that minted coins (e.g. Duchy of Brabant) will be dependent on the number of years (in a particular query) we know that region was minting coins and for which of those years we have actual production figures in our dataset. This also applies to the mint houses, where we have used pie charts. For this purpose, we have created a GIS map of all major authorities in the Low Countries in time. This means that borders will change with time and mint houses will pop up and disappear. A slider on the top left corner of the map allows the user to change the years. On the right of the application, different options regarding the map can be selected, choosing whether the colours and pie charts should change instantaneous with the slider or not. Please remember to click ‘Run’ after each change.

Available variables 

  • Record identifier
  • Coin type identifier
  • Source of record
  • Location of mint house (e.g. Dordrecht)
  • Authority coin issuer (e.g. Holland)
  • Name of coin
  • Type of metal
  • Value in deniers groot
  • Number of coins minted
  • Purity
  • Troy mark weight (all materials)
  • Troy mark weight (fine metals)
  • Number of coins in a Troy mark (Taille)
  • Higher authority coin issuer (e.g. Dutch Republic)
  • Value in hourly wages (constructed from Oxford and Amsterdam wages)
  • Year from / to