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Exhibition in Beijing receives 2 million visitors

Exhibition in Beijing showcasing original Marx documents from the IISH receives 2 million visitors.

To mark the bicentenary of his birth on May 5, 1818, the National Museum of China in Beijing hosted a major exhibition for the last three months on Karl Marx and his ideological heritage. The IISH contributed eight original documents to this exhibition, among which several letters, notebooks and early publications by Marx.
The exhibition with the title 'The power of Truth' was organized by the Chinese Central Compilation & Translation Bureau, the China Artists Association, and the National Museum of China. The number of visitors increased month by month, reaching 36,800 visitors daily in July, and a total of 2 million visitors.

The complete collection of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels papers at the IISH are online available through the catalogue.


Photographs by Marien van der Heijden, taken at the opening of the exhibition on May 5th, 2018.

16 August 2018