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Turkey Collection Guide

Since it was begun in 1987, the Turkish Desk has developed into one of the most important research centers worldwide on the history of modern Turkey.

The Turkish Desk covers the Turkish Republic and the regions that once formed the Ottoman Empire, both on the Balkan peninsula and in the Near East. The focus is on the political, social, and economic history of this area. Within this broad framework, labor migration, industrial relations, political opposition movements, and trade unions receive special attention.

From the beginning the Turkish Desk has been dedicated to two objectives. On the one hand we have tried to establish a good library on the social-economic history of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire after 1800. On the other hand we have focused on periodicals and archival material relating to oppositional and other political movements, trade unions and labour migration.

The collections are accessible in various ways.
Archives, books, periodicals, and image and audio materials are retrievable via the IISH catalogue.

Contact: Zülfikar Özdogan

Read also: Turkeys Red Flank by Zülfikar Özdogan and Margreet Schrevel, (2007, pdf file, 24 pp., 1.8 Mb)