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David Truong

The IISH received an important addition to the archive of David H.D. Truong, formerly known as Truong Dinh Truong. Truong was born in 1945 as the son of a South Vietnamese presidential candidate and came to the US in 1965 to study. When the war in Vietnam came to an end, he was active in the Vietnamese-American Reconciliation Center. He was arrested in January 1978 and was accused of communicating classified information to a foreign agent, viz. the ambassador of Vietnam in Paris. The trial against Truong and his codefendant Ronald Humphrey started in May 1978, and Truong was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Truong took his case to the US Supreme Court and was released in the eighties. The IISH already had copies of the case file. Now Truong's correspondence with his wife Carolyn L. Gates and other personal documents from 1980-1986 have been added.

David Truong papers

1 October 2008