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Sex Tourism

5 April 1982
BG E2/874

In 1981 the amount of women available for paid sex in Thailand was estimated to be a million. This figure has been disputed, just as the thesis that Thai prostitution was accelerated during the seventies by American GIs on leave from Vietnam.
One of the sex workers who migrated from Burma commented on the customs of this Thai market: 'Several of the girls would not be paid during their first time, which usually amounts to 15,000 Baht (for the agent or owner)... After 3-4 times, our price decreased slightly. The second time would cost around 9,000 Baht and then 5,000-6,000 Baht... We have learned that if we do not sleep with our guests, we would be hit or punished... Anyway, it would be over in just a few minutes.'

From: Migrating with hope... (call number Bro 1201/11 fol)