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Permanently 'Stoned'

6 January 1965
BG M3/299

A provo from Amsterdam, Bart Huges, pierced his own skull with an electric drill on 6 January 1965. In this way he hoped to expand his mind and remain permanently 'stoned'. Huges had studied medicine and read through the medical and anthropological literature before starting the odd job. Trepanation was not completely unknown: it is based on the idea that once the skull is closed (in childhood), blood is no longer able to reach all capillaries in the head. This causes the brain to receive less oxygen, which leads to dullness and depression. A hole in the skull offers a simple solution to this problem. This modest correction to creation brings to mind the fontanel of the newborn. With this action, Huges (1934-2004) became world famous and acquired a few disciples in the US ( But in Holland he was completely forgotten when he died, forty years after his trepanation.