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Web2.0 Platform for Cultural Heritage

IISH has been awarded a grant by the national digitization programme "Digitaliseren met beleid", funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, for its project proposal entitled "Content Mashup Platform: a web2.0 platform for cultural heritage".

The project aims to facilitate and intensivate the use of archival collections on the web. It strives to develop a toolkit and best practices for the (re)use of cultural heritage collections in other web environments, for recording and exchanging knowledge about collections and for constructing interactive websites with collection presentations.

The Content Mashup Platform offers each and everyone, the expert user and the interested public, the means to create and share their (individual or group) experience of cultural heritage collections. By making archival material fit for (re)use and for assembly with other materials in new contexts, it will be possible to harness the expertise of web users and to build a web of heritage knowledge. Pilots with IISH collections will be implemented and, in the framework of other projects (such as the Migration in the Netherlands History Project), with collections of other institutions as well.

The technical solutions, based on web2.0 technology and open standards from the heritage sector, follow generic approaches and are developed in open source.
The project leader is Eric de Ruijter and the project duration is two years (2009-2010).

22 December 2008