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Honorary Doctorate for Marcel van der Linden

The University of Oslo is awarding an honorary doctorate to Professor Marcel van der Linden, director of research at the International Institute of Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam. Van der Linden is receiving the award in recognition of his major contribution to research on social movements, labour history, and the history of ideas.
The Norwegian university has described Van der Linden as an innovative, outstanding, and highly productive researcher. Van der Linden has written and co-authored twenty books, including New Methods for Social History (1998), Transnational Labour History (2003), and Workers of the World, Essays toward a Global Labour History (2008). His works have been published in English, Dutch, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, and Japanese.
Van der Linden is also acclaimed for his role in forming a worldwide infrastructure for social historians, including the establishment of the International Social History Association.
Van der Linden, who has been a visiting professor at the University of Oslo, has described this distinction as 'a great honour'. 'It is a fine token of appreciation for me, as well as for the IISH research group as a whole.'

11 August 2008