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Genes, Germs, Resources, and HSN

Historical Sample of the Netherlands (HSN) will build two datasets for the grand research project Genes, Germs and Resources. This project proposes to study the phenomenon of familial influences on early death and exceptional survival in the Netherlands between 1812 and 2015 taking into account the simultaneous effects of socio-economic and cultural environment (resources), diseases (germs) and the individual's genetically determined predisposition for exceptional survival or the lack thereof (genes). 

The project is granted by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research and co-financed by Radboud University Nijmegen and Leiden University Medical Center.
Historical Sample of the Netherlands
offers a representative sample of about 78.000 people born in the Netherlands during the period 1812-1922. The HSN-database containing individual life-courses is a unique tool for research in Dutch history and demography. HSN is located at the IISH.
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25 October 2014