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Erik-Jan Zürcher Elected Academy Member

The new director of the IISH, Erik-Jan Zürcher, is one of the twenty-five newly chosen Members of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences.
The 220 Fellows of the Academy are prominent scholars from all disciplines of scholarship. The IISH is part of the research organization of the Academy.

Earlier, IISH senior researchers, Jan Lucassen and Jan Luiten van Zanden, were chosen as Members of the Academy. The representation of the Institute in the history Section of the Academy thus now includes three members of the IISH research department. A fourth Member of the Academy has close ties with the Institute. He is Maarten Prak, professor of History Since the Middle Ages at the University of Utrecht.
Senior research fellows of the Institute hold various professorships at five Dutch universities. Thus, despite its research department's relatively small size, the IISH plays an important role in historical research in the Netherlands.

27 May 2008