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Collecting the bloody summer of 2009 in Iran

The IISH has started an extensive project to document the tumultuous presidential elections in Iran in June 2009.

Thousands of photographs, videos, films, leaflets, posters, and weblogs have been made during the campaign, and there were the massive demonstrations shortly after the elections as well as a bloody repression of these protests. The protest movement continued its activities by distributing leaflets and posters or shouting slogans at night from the rooftops. This collection includes documents, both in digital and alternative forms, in Persian and other languages, includes audio-video materials, speeches and statements, interviews, slogans, poems, memos, jokes, songs, and lists with names of detained and missing persons. All these documents are systematically collected in the IISH project, and the materials will be available for research.

Contribute to this valuable collection on the Bloody Summer by donating your materials! Please contact (Department of the Middle East and Central Asia at the International Institute of Social History) P.O. Box 2169, 1000 CD Amsterdam.

10 November 2009