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Greenpeace International Films

The camera has shaped Greenpeace into what it is now. The Greenpeace Film Archive is housed at the IISH. It includes about 1,700 16 mm footage and 35 films and documentary films such as the beautiful Voyage to Save the Whales. Copyright remains with Greenpeace.
The Greenpeace Film Archive is not yet available for research.
Some samples:

Rainbow Warrior (> play)
Film nr: S-577
Year: May 1985
Copyright: Greenpeace

Evacuation Rongelap Marshall Islands (> play)
Greenpeace evacuate the inhabitants of Rongelap Island that has been contaminated by radioactive fallout from US nuclear tests. Inhabitants are transported on the Rainbow Warrior to a Mejato Island for a cleaner and safer life.
Film nr: S-577
Year: May 1985
Copyright: Greenpeace

Nuclear waste dumping (> play)
Greenpeace activists from the ships the Sirius and the Cedarlea attempt to block the dumping of nuclear waste at sea by placing inflatable boats under the falling waste barrels and by chaining themselves to the dumping platforms.
Film nr: S-260
Copyright: Greenpeace

Berlin Balloon Fight (> play)
Greenpeace activists fly the hot air balloon Trinity over the Berlin wall from West to East as a protest against nuclear testing by Britain, Soviet union, U.S.A. and France who were also the controlling powers of Berlin at the time. The flight brought military flights to a stand still.
FIlm nr: S-328
Year: August 1983
Copyright: Greenpeace

Smoke stack parachute jump (> play)
Robin Heid parachutes from the smokestack of the Cheshire power generating plant in Ohio, U.S.A. as a demonstration against the emission of sulphur dioxide one of the causes of acid rain.
Film nr: S-1350
Year: 1984
Copyright: Greenpeace

Protecting seal pups (> play)
Greenpeace activists from the Rainbow Warrior protect seal pups from being slaughtered by spraying them green making the seal pelts worthless and by blocking the seal hunters ship.
Film nr: S-211
Copyright: Greenpeace

Ascending the Big Ben (> play)
Greenpeace activists ascend Big Ben in London and spread out the words, "Time to stop nuclear testing".
Film nr: S-377
Year: June 1984
Copyright: Greenpeace

Test Ban Hikers (> play)
A group from Greenpeace trek through the Nevada nuclear test site to delay nuclear testing.
Film nr: S-335
Year: 1986
Copyright: Greenpeace

Vega to Muruoa (> play)
French military aircraft fly low over the Greenpeace boat the Vega near the French nuclear test site at Muruoa Atoll.
Film nr: S-263
Copyright: Greenpeace

Cherbourg tear gas attack(> play)
Greenpeace ship the Sirius blocks the French port of Cherbourg and delays the shipment of nuclear cargo. French Police fire tear gas grenades, burn through the anchor chain of the Sirius and tow the vessel away.
Film nr: S-324
Year: January 1983
Copyright: Greenpeace

Rainbow Warrior bombing (> play)
Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland harbour after the French secret service had sabotaged the ship with mines.
Year: July 1985
Copyright: Greenpeace

Blocking a pipeline (> play)
Group of activists from the Greenpeace ship Sirius block a toxic discharge pipe at Portman Bay in Murcia, Spain.
Hindering the dumping of toxic sludge from a lead and zinc mining operation into the Mediterranean Sea.
Film nr: S-430
Year: July 1986
Copyright: Greenpeace