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The First World War

War brings out the worst in people, but can also lead to social change.

  • The full text of a lecture on the Great War given by Leo Lucassen, IISH Director of Research, to 'de Stichting Oorlogsgraven Oegstgeest' on November 11th 2014 (attached, word document).
  • The Web Presentation 'Refugees in Holland 1914-1918' is about Belgian civilians, British marines, German deserters, and Russians escaped from German POW camps who were sheltered in the Netherlands. Materials from IISH collections.   
  • The War and Peace Collection Guide presents a list of archives and documents pertaining to the Great War in IISH collections

August 1914 'German Dog gets a Lesson'. On the Eastern Front, the Germans initially had to retreat and leave Eastern Prussia to the Russians. The Russian Army celebrated this triumph by issuing this poster. Call no BG D29/672

8 December 2014