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Colin Ward

The archive of the British anarchist and publicist Colin Ward (1924-2010) was donated to the IISH in 2010. Colin Ward became acquainted with anarchism during his military service in Glasgow. After the Second World War, he joined the editors' team of the anarchist weekly Freedom, and contributed to the journal from 1947 until 1960. He subsequently headed the monthly Anarchy until it ceased publication in 1970; afterwards he wrote books, focusing on themes such as housing, architecture, urban planning, children, and education. In all these publications, he explored the relationships between people and urban setting from an anarchist viewpoint. He concentrated on the multiple forms of self-organization in society, which germinate like seeds under the snow of capitalism, bureaucracy, and nationalism. His books were translated in various languages and had a wide distribution outside the U.K. Besides correspondence, texts of articles, lectures, books, and reviews, the archive contains eleven scrapbooks about architecture and his work from 1943 until 1999.

Brief archival dscription

1 December 2010