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Rates for reproductions of documents from the collections of the IISH, NEHA, and Press Museum.

• Selfmade copies and prints
• To order copies
• Scans
• Dvd, video- and audiotapes
• Hiring studio for photographic facilities


Exclusive of bank charges and/or postal charges.

Selfmade copies and prints

Most materials, provided it is in good condition, may be photographed or scanned.

Copies up to A3-size and in good condition
Scan free
A4-paper b/w € 0.10 per copy
A3-paper b/w € 0.20 per copy


Prints from microfilm/fiche
Scan free
A4-paper € 0.10 per copy
A3-paper € 0.20 per copy


Print from Reading Room computers
A4-paper € 0.10 per page

To order copies

There will be an additional administration fee of € 6.00 per order.

It is not possible to order a PDF-file or xerox copy of a photograph or poster, only (high resolution) scans may be ordered.

  PDF* Xerox copy

   up till A3-size

€ 0.50 per scan Printed on A4-paper:
   € 0.75 per copy - b/w
   € 1.50 per copy - color
   larger than A3
€ 5.00 per page Printed on A3-paper:
   € 5.75 per copy - b/w
   € 6.00 per copy - color
Printed at original size:
   only after consultation
   larger than A0
 only after consultation only after consultation

* PDF, scanned at 100 ppi.
Delivery of scans by email with download link.

To order scans, high resolution

There will be an additional administration fee of € 6.00 per order.

Original up till A3-size

€ 30.- a piece
Original larger than A3-size € 40.- a piece

Print quality from scans will be optimal to A4 size.
Scans will be delivered at 300 dpi (TIFF).
Other resolutions or file formats are possible after consultation.
For reproductions of posters larger than A0-size (118,9 x 84,1 cm) please consult the reproduction department
Delivery of scans by email with download link, only in exceptional cases it can be delivered on CD-R (700 MB): € 5.- ; on DVD (4.2 GB): € 10.-

Dvd, video- and audiotapes

There will be an additional administration fee of € 6.00 per order.

copy from dvd to dvd € 30.-
digital copy from video tape (vhs, u-matic, h8) € 30.-
digital copy from LP € 30.-
digital copy from audio cassette € 35.-
digital copy from 16mm or 35mm film price on request
copy from digital film € 30.-