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Today in Labour History

22 February 1912
Source: Geheugen van Nederland

Proletarian Dogs

In the Netherlands, the pitiable situation of cart dogs did not become an issue until the beginning of the twentieth century.
It gradually dawned on the public that dogs are not, by nature, draught animals, and many cases of abuse were seen in the streets.
Nonetheless, animal welfare was not a priority among campaigners. The cart dog was deemed undesirable as it offended public decency, being morally corrupting to children in particular.
The Anti-Draught Dog Association was established on 22 February 1912. In parliament, the social democrat leader Henri Polak was a vocal supporter of the draught dog.
It took many years though before an official ban was pronounced, in 1962, by which time the draught dog had become almost extinct.

More info: Cesar, propaganda film (Youtube), Henri Polak Papers

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