Onderzoekt en verzamelt de geschiedenis van werk, werkenden en arbeidsverhoudingen wereldwijd

Thailand Surprises - 3

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The business of Low San Lee (right side of the yellow sign) seems to be closed down, the actual lettering of his business has been taken of, but the stains left behind clearly spell out his name (not visible here), the frontgate is locked and debris has collected behind the gate.

If this has anything to do with the sign next to the front door remains an open question ...

1.ห้ามพนักงานทุกคนเบิกเงินเกินเงินเดือน [ล่วงหน้า1 ปี]
1.Employees can't get an advance payment of more then a month's salary [more than a year's - salary]
2. [ไม่] ต้องเข้า-ออกตามเวลา 8.00 . - 17.00 .
2. [Don't] check in and out between 8.00 hrs. -17.00 hrs.

ประกาศ ณ วันที่ 30.10.48 [?]
Announces on 30.10.48 [?]

The text in [brackets] is later added and has a slightly different colour, I'm not quite sure about the year though. 48 is 2548 (Buddhist calender) which equals 2005.

With thanks to Thai friends.