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Forced Migration

16 August 1874
Market Hall, New Caledonia
ZF 10340

On this day, Si Saadi ben Allel from Kabylia, Algeria, arrived in New Caledonia with 32 compatriots. They were deported with the French transport vessel Loire as a punishment for a rebellion against the French rulers. Some of the Algerian deportees had to do convict labour, but the majority was supposed to participate in a colonization project. They were to play a role in populating and opening up the land in this overseas territory that had only recently been confiscated by the French. There was work to do in the tin and cobalt quarries, in road construction, and in cultivation of the land. They settled in Gadgi (Ile des Pins) and cultivated small concessions, intended eventually to become their private property. They married one of the few French women on the island, or, if need be, a Canaque woman.
Nowadays a small Arab community in New Caledonia survives.