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Women and Class Struggle

28 December 1891
BG A15/426

Clara Zetkin started her official career in the German Social-Democrat Party on 28 December 1891 when she was appointed editor of the women's journal Die Gleichheit (Equality). 'Die Gleichheit aims at the total emancipation of Woman, which can be achieved only in a socialist setting.'

During the First World War, the party leadership preferred to reconcile class conflict in view of the national struggle. Zetkin did not agree with this standpoint and the leadership removed her of her position. Zetkin now differentiated Die Gleichheit's mission: 'I have always seen it as the main task of Die Gleichheit to mould and deepen the socialist thought of the proletarian woman. If Die Gleichheit would change front to the nationalist side, it would forsake its duty.' Later on, Zetkin worked for the journal Die Kommunistische Fraueninternationale.