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Rascals from Naples

14 December 1765
Procession in  Naples by  Franz Richard Unterberger (c 1850)

'Naples, December 1765. The populousness of Naples is so remarkable that a stranger, the first time he passes through some parts of the city, would imagine the people were assembled in the streets on some extraordinary occasion; but the truth is, that thousands of the populace (called the Lazaroni...) have no other habitation than the streets, and much the greater part of the other portion having no employment, either from the want of manufactures, or their natural propensity to idleness, are sauntering in the streets from morning to night...' (Samuel Sharp, Letters from Italy...letter XXIV (London 1767) 100.

In 18th century Naples, a new urban type appeared: the Lazzarone, who with neither trade nor home became a curiosity, in the same way as Vesuvius or Pompei did.

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