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Cabbyitis, an Occupational Illness

27 July 1964
Checker Cab at Madison Square, New York (2011)

"The lack of job security and the unspeakable working conditions, the constant striving to make ends meet on a miserly commission; the daily perils of driving in congested traffic at the beck and call of overbearing passengers..., the biting sarcasm and harassment suffered on the streets of the city at the hands of law-enforcement agents of the industry over the past fifty years combine to produce 'cabbyitis', an occupational illness of the taxi drivers, a chronic condition of anxiety; acute mental strain, and nervous tension, sapping the driver's strength, debilitating the driver's physical condition, breaking down the drivers' endurance and will to resist, eroding away their dignity and self-respect." ( from Taxi Times, July 1964)

Graham Russell Gao Hodges, Taxi! A Social History of the New York City Cabdriver (2007) 5