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News from Prison

26 June 1917
Harol Bing Papers nr 1

In 1916 Harold Bing (1897-1975) refused to serve in the army because he was a conscientious objector, and was imprisoned in Winchester for three years. The young man was allowed to write a long letter to his family once every twelve weeks. In between, some prefabricated information about his well-being was sent: "Dear ........, I am now in this prison and am in ....... health. If I behave well, I shall be allowed to write another letter about ........ and to receive a reply, but no reply is allowed to this."

In prison Bing issued a bulletin made of the current British brown greasy toilet paper, with the news "etched" by a needle: the Winchester Whisperer. Bing's conscience did not change in this period of detention. He was to remain a life-long activist within the War Resisters International.