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Meeting Point

9 February 2014
Photo Bangdoll on Wikimedia Commons

Female migrant workers from the Philippines and Indonesia staged a flash mob demonstration in Taipei Railway Station, Taiwan, calling attention to the abuse of foreign workers on 9 February 2014. The Taipei  Railway Station is an easy choice, as it is a familiar meeting point. 'For migrant domestics who are isolated at work, the station is a central node that allows them to enter the flow of fellow migrants. They turn the lobby into their home floors and replicate their former lifestyle to overcome social and cultural alienation in a foreign country. Most Indonesian domestic workers take only one or two days off each month...not necessarily the same day as their limited number of friends do. Many try to meet new friends in the train station so that they will have company on their rest days.'

From: Pei-Chia Lan, Global Cinderellas. Migrant domestics and newly rich employers in Taiwan (Durham 2006) Call no 2008/0916