Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

The Economic Position of Women in Asia

1. Introduction

2. Female Labour Participation
2.1 Female Participation Rates
2.2 Determinants of Female Labour Force Participation
2.3 Other Constraints on Female Participation in the Labour Market
2.4 Impact of Technological Change on Women's Employment Opportunities

3. Gender Occupational Segregation and Impact of Technology on Women's Occupation
3.1 Gender Occupational Segregation
3.2 A country study of Hong Kong
3.3 Discrimination in Women's Occupational Attainment

4. Female Non-Market Production and its Macroeconomic Impact
4.1 Determinants of Women's Time Devoted in Non-Market Production
4.2 Macroeconomic Impact of Female Non-Market Contributions

5. The Gender Wage Gap
5.1 Decomposition of the Gender Wage Gap
5.2 Problems Specifically Concerning Developing Countries

6. Determinants of the Female Economic Position in Society
6.1 Impact of Economic Development
6.2 Impact of Cultural and Institutional Differences

7. Conclusions