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Second Print 'A Usable Collection'

A second print of A Usable Collection, Essays in honour of Jaap Kloosterman on Collecting Social History has officially been released to the greater public by Amsterdam University Press.

The 35 essays brought together in this volume in honour of IISH's former director Jaap Kloosterman, who stepped down in 2008, give a rare insight into the history of the institute and the development of its collections in particular.
'A Usable Collection' is not a standard liber amicorum, but a solid piece of work about a subject particularly dear to Jaap Kloosterman: collections, libraries, and archives. The first section, 'The Emergence of of Social History Collections', offers a variety of perspectives on the early history of social history collections, as practised by the Institute's founder N.W. Posthumus. The next section, 'The European Collections of the IISH', is focused on what could be called the classical core of the IISH collection and its relations with European sister institutes. Finally, 'The IISH goes Global', brings us to the most recent emergence of globalization in both research policy and collection development.

A Usable Collection. Essays in Honour of Jaap Kloosterman on Collecting Social History, Aad Blok, Jan Lucassen, Huub Sanders (eds)  Amsterdam University Press, 5 December 2014 (ISBN: 9789089646880, hardback, 490 pp., 49,95)

15 December 2014