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New Senior Researcher: Dennie Oude Nijhuis

Foto van Dennie Oude NijhuisDennie Oude Nijhuis has been working  as senior researcher at the IISH since early 2016.

His research focuses on social inequalities, protection against labour market risks and the development of the European Union.

Currently, he is studying  the role of employers' and workers' organizations in the development of post-war European labour markets, welfare state and educational programs. An important question that arises is to what extent these institutions were able to facilitate economic growth.

During the next few years Oude Nijhuis will also be working on the flexibility of the labour market.

Besides being a senior researcher at the IISH, Oude Nijhuis is a lecturer at the Institute of History at Leiden University and chair of the MA International Relations, also at Leiden university.

In 2009 he obtained his doctorate on a historical research into the attitudes and influence of trade unions on the development of the post-war British and Dutch welfare states.

In case of questions, please contact him here.



11 May 2016