Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

IISH research gets the highest rating in evaluation

The scientific research of the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam has been assessed as excellent by an international evaluation committee. Both in the field of academic leadership, impact and the scale of output. In the Committee's view, the IISH works on extremely relevant themes such as social inequality, labor relations, globalization and migration. The institute, according to the evaluation report, is a key global player in the field of labor history. 

The evaluation, according to the Standard Evaluation Protocol for Dutch universities and research institutes (SEP), takes place every six years on behalf of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Today the results of the evaluation were announced via the KNAW website (see EVALUATION).

The Committee concluded that the vision and strategy of the management during the evaluation period (2012-2017) has borne fruit. There is a lot of appreciation for the progress made by the collection department. A close and very well managed department, according to the report, with a strong international presence. The IISH was experienced as a happy working environment with a high moral and motivated staff.

The members of the committee welcome the establishment of the KNAW Humanities Cluster. The possibilities that the collaboration with Huygens ING and the Meertens Institute offers for the development of new digital methods and techniques were considered to be of great importance.

Of course, improvement is always possible. The IISH should, in both scientific research and in the use of collections, appeal to a broader public in order to achieve more social impact. The management wholeheartedly endorses this recommendation, which will be one of our most important challenges for the coming period.

The evaluation committee consisted of:
chairman Prof. dr. Eduard Hovy (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh USA),
Prof. Gareth Austin (Cambridge University),
Prof. dr. Nancy Green (École des Hautes Études and Sciences Sociales, Paris),
Prof. dr. Charles Jeurgens (University of Amsterdam and National Archives),
Dr. Lily Knibbeler (director of the Royal Library, The Hague).

18 July 2018