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Ruedo Ibérico

‘Una formidable arma de contrainformación….’ Publisher Ruedo Ibérico’s role in the struggle against Franco’s censorship

After the BombingIn the night of 13 to 14 October 1975 a firebomb exploded on the rue de Latran in Paris. The target of the bombing was the bookshop and Spanish exile publisher Ruedo Ibérico. Although the bomb did  not cause any casualties, it damaged the building, as well as thirty cars parked along the street. While back in Madrid Franco prolonged his fight against death, obscure right-wing factions with ties to the Spanish police and intelligence services demonstrated that freedom of expression remained a target of assaults.

The publishing company Ruedo Ibérico was largely created by one individual: José Martínez Guerricabeitia. José Martínez, called ‘Pepe’ by his friends, was an exceptional man who had a major role in Spanish anti-Francoist cultural and political circles.

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This contribution was made by Huub Sanders on the occasion of 3 May World Press Freedom Day. Read all contributions on World Press Freedom Day.


17 April 2012