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Anti-Apartheid and Southern Africa - Archives

Archives from NiZA, fully processed by archivist Kier Schuringa, in alphabetical order. These archives are all freely accessible. All inventories are in Dutch only.

Angola Comitee/Holland Committee on Southern Africa 1961-1997
Contents: Minutes and related documents of the committee meetings, general correspondence and organisational documents; documents concerning the political campaigns and activities of the committee like the (major) campaigns, the oil- and sportsboycot, the economic-programme, activities on Namibia, Angola and Mozambique and the women’s programme; documents of the material support programme (projects) of the HCSA, including the work of the Liberation Fund and the Zimbabwe coöperants programme, as well as the various cooperation networks of the committee with organisations in the Netherlands and internationally; an annex with the archives of the Foundation International Sanctions Year 1982, the Foundation Amandla and two BVD-dossiers (National Intelligence Service) on resp. the Holland Committee on Southern Africa and Sietse Bosgra; a collection of old documentation of the Angola Comittee 1960-1976, from de documentation collections of the Angola Comittee and HCSA which were already donated to the IISH around 1990 and now have been integrated in this archive. From the first 10 years of the committee only correspondence has been preserved; minutes and other archival materials almost exclusively date from 1970 onwards.

Broadcasting for Radio Freedom (Omroep voor Radio Freedom - OvRF) 1982-1996
Contents: The archive consists of minutes and related documents of the executive committee and board of the (Foundation) Broadcasting for Radio Freedom; general correspondence 1982-1996; organisational documents, including the minutes of the technical working groups and financial reports; documents concerning the activities, more or less in chronological order, largely relating to the Jabulani-conference and the Radio Freedom Institute; some documentation.
Annex: archival items from the National Broadcasting Foundation (NOS) from 1958 on the relations with South Africa and (Broadcasting for) Radio Freedom.

Committee South Africa (Comité Zuid-Afrika - CZA) 1960-1971
Contents: Minutes of Executive Committee 1960-1967, correspondence 1960-1967, financial and other organisational documents 1960-1971 and correspondence and other documents on various activities esp. in the First half of the 1960s; documents on the cooperation with and activities of the Student Comittee South Africa (Stucoza) 1960-1971; press cuttings from Dutch newspapers on the Netherlands and South Africa, mainly from 1960-1965.

Dutch AAM (Anti-Apartheids Beweging Nederland - AABN) 1971-1994
Contents: minutes and related documents of the plenary meetings, Executive Committee and staff meetings, annual reports, general correspondence, financial and other organisational documents 1971-1994. Followed by four series of reports, correspondence and other documents of the main working groups and long-term campaigns, other actions and activities, as much as possible in chronological order on the years 1971-1994. Consequently documents relating to the various links of cooperation of the Dutch AAM throughout the years and the various foundations the Dutch AAM established for different mainly large-scale activities (esp. CASA and Malibongwe) after 1987. Finally a separate annex with big sized notebooks with comments by visitors of the South Africa exhibition in the Anne Frank House in 1973.

Please note that the finding aid for these archives comes with a chronology of the Dutch Anti-Apartheid Movement (in Dutch) 1971-1994.

Eduardo Mondlane Foundation (Eduardo Mondlane Stichting – EMS) 1969-1998
Contents: Minutes of the board, staff and plenary meetings of the EMS; general correspondence 1969-1996, both in The Netherlands and internationally, including the liberation movements and later governments of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde; correspondence between the EMS-offices in Amsterdam and Maputo; minutes and documents of the working groups on coöperants and projects, as well as the women’s groups of the EMS; financial documents 1970-1998; documents on the information and publicity work of the EMS; documents on the work of the EMS in and in relation to Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde – arranged in sections on coöperants (including many circular letters etc.), projects and other activities; documents on the Amsterdam-Beira campaign and city links  1986-1998; documents on the international, national and local cooperation networks of the EMS, like ECASAAMA, COA and others; documentation 1972, 1981.

Institute for Southern Africa (IZA) 1993-1997
Contents: The archive consists of ninutes and related documents of the board of IZA, general correspondence, documents relating to the organization, the finances and the Library, Documentation and Information Centre (BIDOC) of IZA; documents relating to the activities (culture, violence, education, other) and the various cooperation networks of the institute in The Netherlands and internationally.

SADWU Support Group (Steungroep) 1988-2000
Contents: Minutes, correspondence (especially with SADWU) an documents on the activities of the Support Group, as well as documentation (including official SADWU reports) and publications on domestic servants and their organization in South Africa.

Southern Africa Groups (local) 1971-1987
Contents: minutes, reports and other documents relating to local anti-apartheid work in the Dutch towns of Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Haarlem

Personal archives

David de Beer 1974-1998
Contents: Documents relating to his work as activist and lobbyist – mainly within and from the Dutch churches – in relation to Southern Africa and specifically Namibia; annual reports, correspondence, notes, articles; documents on specific activities, including uranium from Namibia, the UN Council for Namibia, AWEPA, election monitoring in South Africa 1994, etc.; documentation on related subjects; annex on the DPSC in South Africa.
Willem van Manen 1986-1991
Contents: Documents on lawyer van Manen’s activities in relation to South Africa; dossiers with correspondence and other documents especially on the trial of Hélène Passtoors, the public debate about the opinions of prof. Couwenberg on South Africa and an international conference on the repression against children in South Africa in September 1987.
Karel Roskam 1952-2010
Contents: Memoires and other personal documents and correspondence; documents on his study and graduation (1960) at the Free University in Amsterdam; articles and other texts relating to Roskam’s activities as a writer, public speaker and radio commentator; documents on his work with the broadcasting organization VARA, the AEI, the Mayibuye Centre and the Radio Freedom Institute; documentation mainly of the Nigeria-Biafra conflict; annex on the Marjolein Roskam Fund.
. Gerrit Schellingerhout  1976-1984
Contents: Documents from 1976-1984, mainly on his local and regional activities in relation to the Third World and specifically Southern Africa.
. Tjitte de Vries  1966-1986
Contents: Documents on his activities in relation to Southern Africa, especially in the Boycot Outspan Actie (BOA) 1979-1986, the Foundation ISARA etc.

Other Archives

Some of these archives are only partially processed, but all of them can be accessed without restrictions.

ABVA-KABO. National South Africa Group (Landelijke Zuid-Afrika Groep) 1989-2001
Contents: Correspondence and other documents in relation to the solidarity campaigns and visits to Southern Africa of this trade union group (of public sector workers).

AWEPAA (Association of West-European Parliamentarians Against Apartheid) 1982-1994
Contents: all publications, lobbying initiatives, position papers and action plans, correspondence, minutes of board meetings, financial reports, documentation re positions of governments, UN, Commonwealth, western NGO's and research institutes.
Annex: Files on Southern Africa of AWEPAA President Nico Jan Scholten as a member of Dutch Parliament in the 1970 and 1980s.

Azania Committee 1974-1996
Contents: Minutes and other internal documents, correspondence and documents relating to the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), BCMA, the Azanian People's Organisation (AZAPO), WOSA, black trade unions, Umtapo, et al.; documents relating to support projects and actions and campaigns including Sharpeville and Soweto commemorations, political prisoners, local activities in Rotterdam, etc. The archive also contains a lot of documentation concerning the South African organizations with which the committee maintained contacts, such as PAC, AZAPO and other Black Consciousness organizations.
Annex: 328 photographs, mainly of the activities of the Azania Committee.

Martin Bailey Papers 1964-2006
Contents: Documents on the United Nations oil delivery sanctions against South Africa and efforts by anti-apartheid organizations to tighten the oil embargo; files containing press clippings, correspondence, notes and other material, many of which refer to individual companies (i.e. BP, Caltex, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Texaco) or oil tankers such as the Almare Terza. List made by Martin Bailey.

CASA-koor Nederland 1987-2015
Contents: Minutes, annual reports, correspondence, songbooks, press cuttings, etc. as well as photographs, recordings and t-shirts of this choir singing South African struggle songs.

Defence and Aid Fund Netherlands 1965-1991
Contents: Minutes and other documents of the board; correspondence with other organisations; documents on the family adoption work and projects; documents on the group Lawyers against Apartheid in The Netherlands; extensive documentation.

ICCO (development projects in Southern Africa) 1980-2001
Contents: Documents relating to the development projects of this interchurch organization for development cooperation in The Netherlands. List made by Ed Kool.

SA/NAM Association 1986-1993
Contents: Minutes of meetings, correspondence, financial and other documents relating to activities of NGOs in South Africa and Namibia 1988-1992; files of projects conducted by the Kagiso Trust in South Africa; documentation. List made by Bernard Mantel.

Shipping Research Bureau (SRB) 1979-1995
Contents: agendas, minutes and documents from Shipping Research Bureau (SRB) board and staff meetings and from so-called ‘oil meetings’ of the Holland Committee on Southern Africa (KZA) and the Working Group Kairos, and annual reports, general correspondence and various documents relating to the internal affairs of the SRB. The core of the collection consists of documents relating to the Bureau’s investigations into oil tankers and their movements, shipping and oil companies and countries, which resulted in a series of publications on violations of the oil embargo against South Africa, and of further documents relating to research assistance given to campaigns waged nationally and internationally against companies and countries involved in embargo violations, including the Shell campaign; other documents relate to the South African energy sector, counter-strategies against the embargo, and more. A smaller part covers research into and boycott campaigns against South Africa’s coal exports. An annex consists for the most part of documents from after 1995, when the SRB had discontinued its research following the demise of apartheid. List made by Richard Hengeveld.

Working Group Kairos 1971-2005
Contents: annual reports, minutes of the Kairos executive committee and correspondence - both general and on specific subjects; documents on the group’s information and publicity work, the relations with Dutch church institutions and organisations as well as on the Kairos activities in areas like sanctions and the Dutch policies towards South-Africa, human rights, the role of the churches, coal and oil (Shell), research/education/culture, Namibia, etc., including documentation and press cuttings on all these subjects.

“Wij en Zij” /FNV Mondiaal 1979-2007
Contents: Dossiers on countries and regions – including Southern Africa – with correspondence, (financial) reports, publications and other documents on the work of this solidarity fund and international affairs section of the main trade union federation in the Netherlands. List made by FNV and Ed Kool (IISH).