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On 30 May 1926, the congress of the International Alliance for Women's Suffrage met. For the first time a representative from Iran was present: Sadique Dowlatabadi (1882-1962). Dowlatabadi, a former... [Item of the Day]
"We call ourselves Violet September now, because in September we understood that political consciousness of the feminist movement has not even begun yet." The Dutch lesbian feminist group 'Purperen... [Item of the Day]
Clara Zetkin started her official career in the German Social-Democrat Party on 28 December 1891 when she was appointed editor of the women's journal Die Gleichheit (Equality). 'Die Gleichheit aims... [Item of the Day]
Since 1997 Burmese activists and their supporters have celebrated June 19, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's birthday, as Women of Burma Day, a day to express solidarity and support for women resisting the... [Item of the Day]
German women were allowed to vote for the first time on 19 January 1919. The Weimar Republic established this in the electoral law of November 1918. In the same month the Deutsche Demokratische... [Item of the Day]