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South Africa's school system reflected the apartheid policy. During the 1970s and 80s many student strikes, boycotts, and violent actions expressed opposition to the educational system. In June 1976... [Item of the Day]
In April 1960 a series of large-scale student demonstrations in Turkey paralysed university campuses and led to bloody confrontations with the police. The growing tension between the government and... [Item of the Day]
On April 11, at 5.23 p.m., on the the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, the unskilled painter Josef Erwinn Bachmann fired three shots into Rudi Dutschke's face. The life of the student leader was in danger,... [Item of the Day]
Since 13 May 1989, students demonstrating for democratic reforms had occupied Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The government warned that it would not tolerate the "social chaos". After it had in vain... [Item of the Day]
In May 1968 students in Paris occupied university buildings to launch an avalanche of protests and strikes against the authorities. This was only the beginning of a wide-ranging social and cultural... [Item of the Day]
In 1999 students in Tehran launched a campaign for political freedom. At first this centred on freedom of press, as the government had just closed a reformist newspaper. Some 200 students staged a... [Item of the Day]
10 November was known as Hari Pahlawan in Indonesia, the day of the heroes. On this day a victory over the Dutch occupying force in Surabaya was commemorated. In the mid 1970s people had to endure... [Item of the Day]
On May 6, 1972, the radical Turkish student leader Deniz Gezmiş was hanged. The 26-year-old political scientist, who was called Turkey's Che Guevara, had been the leader of the occupation of Istanbul... [Item of the Day]