Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Fin-de-Siécle Vienna has become the glorified icon of innovative modernism in the arts and letters. Yet the misery of the masses in the suburbs stood in stark contrast to the urban social order of... [Publication]
The contributions in this book emphasize three types of historical situations. First, situations where racially structured unfree labour relations (e.g., slavery) turned into free labour markets, or... [Publication]
The Soweto Uprising is also known as '16 June'.On 16 June 1976 the apartheid police opened fire on youngsters in Soweto protesting against the compulsory use of Afrikaans in South African schools.13-... [Item of the Day]
From the 1940s onwards, black rail workers in the British colony of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) began to flex muscle. They complained about arbitrary and abusive actions on the part of white workers.  '... [Item of the Day]
On this day, a Papuan house servant in Australian New Guinea was found guilty of an unspecified sexual offense against a European woman and was sentenced to two years with hard labour and 15 strokes... [Item of the Day]
Thousands of lynching victims were recorded in the US South at the end of the 19th century, the vast majority of whom were African Americans. Sam Holt, a black farm labourer killed by a white mob on... [Item of the Day]
'Apart from its textile and furniture industry, Greensboro (North-Carolina) was above all known as the home of the predominantly black Agricultural & Technical College. In the late afternoon of 1... [Item of the Day]
The first issue of The Black Panther, official news organ of the Black Panther Party, was published on 25 April 1967. Black Panthers patrolled the American black ghettos to protect their fellows from... [Item of the Day]
Reverend Martin Luther King's struggle for equal rights for black Americans accelerated in 1963. He became world famous with his speech on 28 August 1963 in Washington DC. At the Lincoln Memorial he... [Item of the Day]
In its February 1948 issue, Chayenu, the magazine of the British socialist Zionists, warns about the increase in anti-Semitism in England after the war. Anti-Semites have gained a base among the... [Item of the Day]